Faryn Corey IS BACK










I know most of you nerds think the biggest news of the weekend is something to do with college football and you would be wrong. Around here we think in terms of content and there doesn’t get much more bigger news than the return of the GOAT Faryn Corey announcing her Instagram comeback with a double dose of new content and an Instagram account that has been scrubbed of the old content that made her famous in 2017 when she went on a tear from mid-summer all the way through February 2018 and then she disappeared.

“Iā€™m baaack šŸ˜ˆ,” she declared Saturday. It’s unclear why there was a layoff, but if this weekend is any indication, the GOAT is ready to bang out the fire content that made her famous and make a fast push to 200k. She’d be at a million if there wasn’t a break. Have to think she hit a social media wall and needed to get her content-creating head corrected. Kinda like a Sports By Brooks situation, perhaps.

A search of Reddit shows that she had been appearing on a different Instagram so who knows what the hell is going on here. Whatever the case, she’s back. Big news this holiday weekend.


Monster Girl Brianna Gonva Had A Weekend
Monster Girl Brianna Gonva Had A Weekend
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