Monster Girl Brianna Gonva Had A Weekend

I just sit here minding my own business on a Sunday before the NFL season cranks up and my IG DMs light up with ‘Would you look at this IG model’ messages at all hours of the day and night. Guys, I can’t analyze every single IG model you send my way, but when Monster Girl Brianna Gonva ends up in the DMs and she’s doing salsa dancing on Labor Day weekend, I’m going to take notice because the weather here sucks and I have free time on my hands.

Anyway, Brianna was in Raleigh last night at a place called Jose and Sons doing some salsa dancing, really getting into the spirit of Labor Day weekend. One last Saturday night to let loose before hunkering down for pumpkin spice latte season and turkey day is right around the corner so the IG models have to crank that content now or risk heading into sweater szn lacking a content trove to dump out during the lean days headed their way.

I did a little recon and it appears that Gonva does appear at NASCAR events so if you’re ever lucky enough to land a hot pass, you might be able to get a pic with her on the grid before security kicks your slimy ass out for freaking out Brianna and her fellow Monster Girls.

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