Oregon Cheerleader Sie Rowe Ready For Senior Season












I remember the days when Oregon cheerleaders were rock stars and dominated the Internet because the Ducks were a great team, GameDay was in Eugene like three times a year and Lee Corso would send people into a frenzy by just putting on the Duck’s head. Then came some lean years including Las Vegas Bowl and Redbox Bowl trips that weren’t very Oregon-like.

Now Justin Herbert is back for the senior season, the Ducks are the national game of the night against Auburn from Jerry’s World and this just might be the night that launches Oregon football and the Ducks cheerleaders back into the national spotlight. Senior cheerleader Sie Rowe deserves a real bowl trip like all those Oregon cheerleaders before her. I’m talking a New Year’s six kind of bowl. Maybe a Rose Bowl. Her first year as a Ducks cheerleader was 2016 — the Ducks went 4-8 and Mark Helfrich was fired.

Add it all up and I don’t have to tell you how big this is tonight against Auburn. SEC fan thinks Oregon’s soft. Zero respect for the Ducks. We’re going to see if Oregon’s back or on its way to another year of sending the Ducks cheerleaders to some off-the-radar bowl game.


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