Rutgers Quarterback McLane Carter & Girlfriend Sheridan Lewis Make Debut

Texas Tech transfer McLane Carter and girlfriend Sheridan Lewis did something during the offseason that’s pretty rare and that’s a Texas-born and bred quarterback transferring to Rutgers, a team coming off a 1-11 season. But McLane needed a new school after jumping into the transfer portal and Rutgers was the landing spot. Carter won the starting position and now it’s kinda on his shoulders to save Chris Ash’s job in Piscataway where Ash has seven wins over three seasons. Last year Rutgers beat Texas State and then lost 11 straight.

Add it all up and you have a great opportunity for Carter and girlfriend Sheridan Lewis. You come in with nothing to lose. Carter was the Texas Tech starting quarterback in 2018 before getting injured so you know he can sling it because Kliff Kingsbury was his coach. Lewis is done with school and working as a real estate agent, according to her Instagram so it’s a grown up situation for these two in New Jersey. All business.

According to, Carter will be the starter against UMass in the opener, but there are a couple guys lurking for the job. At this point Ash is pretty much going to go with which guy can save his job.

Don’t be shocked if Carter comes in, starts going balls deep on UMass tonight and ends all talk of other QBs getting a shot at the Rutgers job.

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