Kate Bock Gets Staples In Her Head After Knocking Heads With Kevin Love On Rafting Trip

Kate Bock head staples rafting trip

Kate Bock head injury/Instagram Story

Kate Bock and Kevin Love are out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming doing some couples things like eating, relaxing, going for walks, falling out of a whitewater raft and hitting each others heads which resulted in Kate Bock needing staples in her head.

I know, that escalated quickly. Kate & Kevin went rafting Tuesday and from Kate’s IG Story the launch spot was nice and picturesque. By the end of the rafting trip the happy couple had fallen out of the raft, Bock and Love knocked heads, her head was split open and she was taken to a local doctor’s office to be stapled up.

“Wish I had the video for you—this was a hell of a sequence. Not enough weight and the rapids will toss you,” Love wrote on Instagram about being thrown out.

All is well. Kate checked in Tuesday night and her head seems to be all good for more Jackson Hole adventure.


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