Georgia Man Arrested For Trying To Take Cocaine Into Braves Game

Dustin Luther Wilkes mugshot/via Cobb County Sheriff

The last thing Dustin Luther Wilkes had to think security going through his cowboy boot at a Braves game would be last thing that would happen at a security checkpoint. Of course he was – allegedly – hiding his stash of cocaine in a boot, according to cops who eventually found the cocaine after Dustin tried to use a slight of hand on the Cobb County fuzz.

If you think a felony cocaine charge is going to ruin Dustin’s good vibes, you’d be wrong. This guy seems to be taking this all in stride.

From the Marietta Daily Journal:

A Woodstock man faces a felony drug charge after police say he tried to bring cocaine into SunTrust Park for an Atlanta Braves home game against the New York Mets.

Dustin Luther Wilkes, 39, was arrested at the stadium by Cobb County police around 9:30 p.m. last Wednesday, when the Braves were playing their second of three games against the Mets.

Police say Wilkes quickly removed something from inside his boot and put the unknown object into his left front pants pocket, which security staff then asked to see.

When turning his pocket inside-out, Wilkes again tried to conceal the object in his left hand, but police again asked to see it, and eventually found it was a “clear plastic baggie with a white powder substance suspected to be cocaine,” the warrant states.

As for the game Dustin missed, it got wild in the bottom of the 7th when the Braves dropped five runs on the Mets and won 6-4. I assume Dustin’s lawyer will get this one reduced to a possession charge, Dustin will pay a fine and move on.

You weren’t last week brother:

Dustin Luther Wilkes checks in with a simple message:

It’s been a big week or so for Dustin…putting a band together and a cocaine charge at a Braves game:

Skinny Phil Mickelson
Skinny Phil Mickelson