Meet Lexie Fioto – Miami Hurricanes Cheerleader

I’m convinced that the days of consistently great football teams in Miami and USC are over and it’s going to take an absolute miracle to get those days back. Why? Because take this past weekend where Miami lost to Florida. At some schools it would be the end of the world and would usher in a long, dark winter because the one loss would pretty much destroy the season.

At Miami, you jump on a plane, get home, hit a club, go to school Monday and figure out where you’re going to be partying the rest of the week. Nbd. That loss isn’t the end of the world when you live in paradise and have this exotic international lifestyle. Eh, a loss is just a loss. Where’s bottle service?

This is also why I’m pretty impressed when I meet a U graduate. If your ass can party and still get a degree at Miami there aren’t too many afterwork parties that are going to phase you at your first job. Tells me you’re able to handle life and still get the job done.

That brings me to U cheerleader Lexie Fioto. Going through her IGs, this appears to be her third year living the Miami lifestyle. Even started dating U wide receiver Ahmmon Richards who has since stopped playing football due to injuries.

Lexie and the rest of the cheerleading crew can now relax with that ugly first loss out of the system. Time to enjoy fall semester, do some boating, keep in mind why you chose Miami in the first place and laugh at all the women up north who’re about to crush pumpkin spice lattes in 40 degree weather.

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