Buy An Ohio State Tailgating Tank – $10,000

Looking to make a splash this weekend on the Ohio State tailgating scene for the Florida Atlantic tilt, but you aren’t sure how to do that? Go buy this silver bullet tank from an Ohio State fan over on Facebook. The seller has this listed as a 1956 Grumman Olson Kurbside delivery truck, but there’s a discrepancy in the info section where he calls it a 1960s Kurbside. I’m not sure if that affects things one way or the other, but dropping $10,000 (asking) on a tailgating truck is obviously a big deal and requires due diligence.

From the seller:

1960’S GRUMMAN OLSON KURBSIDE FOR SALE For OSU Tailgates or can be converted to a food truck. In good running order. Historical Vehicle, please contact for serious offers.

The one thing that’s clear here is that you’re looking at a tailgating truck that can take some punishment. Look at that beautiful aluminum and those rivets. I’m not some aluminum expert, but I know a good looking aluminum when I see it. You know how a good aluminum canoe will last multiple lifetimes? I assume this Kurbside will do the same as long as the motor doesn’t go out.

The one thing I’d recommend after the Buckeyes go on the road in Week 3 is a new paint job. This ride deserves fresh ink. I need that scarlet popping.

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