Whatever Happened To Shawn Bradley?

UPDATE: On Wednesday, March 17, it was announced that the former Dallas Mavericks big man has been paralyzed following a bicycle accident near his home.

Original Story: Whatever happened to Shawn Bradley? I know it’s random to come up with that subject for a post, but today I was looking for old athletes long forgotten by modern Internet users and somehow ended up scrolling through 7-foot-6 Shawn Bradley photos, which isn’t something I have done in several years.

Turns out since the last time I looked into Shawn’s life he got a divorce from his first wife and is now on marriage number two with wife Carrie. Now 47, and out of the NBA since 2005 when he played with Dallas, Bradley hasn’t exactly had a high profile away from sports. He left Dallas and from what I can tell, went back to a life in Utah that’s pretty much the same sort of life as you guys live. Scroll down, you’ll see typical vacations, random encounters at restaurants and Bradley in what I assume is the world’s tallest Boy Scout pack leader uniform.

According to Shawn’s wife Carrie, they have five kids, a life in St. George, Utah and said in a March video with TMZ that he’s never been so busy in his life since retiring. Not only is he raising teenagers, in 2018 he took part in a study of his DNA to see how he became so tall.

The study found Bradley had 198 more height-associated genetic variants than the average person in the sample. While the genome analysis correctly predicted Bradley’s height rank among the sample population (No. 1 and a significant outlier, of course), it couldn’t quite accurately predict his actual height.

As you’d expect, his DNA is pretty special stuff. Genetics don’t lie. Turned it into about $70,000,000 in career NBA earnings and a spot in 1996’s classic Space Jam. Not a bad life at all and you can see a look on his face that he’s having fun, still taking pics with all the people who want a photo with one of the tallest people in the world.


That’s Shawn and his wife, Carrie, on his left:


Sean & Carrie on a summer trip (Carrie in second pic):








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