Florida Man Wannabe Doctor Cuts Off Man’s Balls, It Goes Bad, Cops Show Up, Find Balls & Man Bleeding

via Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

Just when you think you’ve seen it all out of Florida Man, along comes old timer Gary Van Ryswyk to perform a castration on some guy he met on the dark web…on a site where people have a castration fetish. I’m telling you guys, not a day goes by when Florida Man doesn’t figure out a new angle. They’re always thinking.

So Gary cuts off the fetish dude’s nuts, but runs into trouble and doesn’t want some dude bleeding out on him so he calls the fuzz to come rescue him from the situation. The cops show up, they have a guy bleeding like crazy on their hands and a couple of balls in a container. I’m telling you, Florida cops earn their damn money.

From Fox 4:

Deputies in Florida have arrested a man for attempting to perform a castrationinside his home.

Deputies were called to 74-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk’s home located in Sebring, Florida, on Sunday.

When they arrived, Van Ryswyk told a deputy he had just performed a castration on a man and encountered major issues. Deputies found a victim on a bed, bleeding heavily, with a towel over his groin.

During their investigation, deputies found two body parts in a pink container, presumed to have belonged to the victim.

According to a release, Van Ryswyk told the victim that he had experience on animals and had even removed one of his own testicles in 2012.

He also said he had done a similar procedure on a man in a local motel a few years ago. It also did not end well, according to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

Go read the full report at Fox 4. It’s absolutely off the charts great. And before you think this castration fetish is fake and not possible, a quick ‘castration fetish’ Google search turns up at least one journal that’s been published on the subject. Now I’m not going to go looking for fetish message boards where guys are wanting to get their nuts cut off and trust some guy to do it in his house. I’ll pass on that.

As for One-Nut Dr. Gary, he’s up for a second degree felony; no word on how the guy whose balls got cut off is doing. Let’s hope he nutted up and got out of the hospital rather quickly. Wouldn’t want many nurses knowing what you’re in for.

People are leaving comments for Gary on this Facebook post…join in the fun!

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