Johnny Manziel Pitching Auto Insurance With Tonya Harding & Fat Joe

from Auto Direct Insurance/YouTube

Johnny Manziel is employed again, this time by Direct Auto Insurance where he’s an insurance pitchman in commercials that dropped Monday for a campaign that also includes performances from Tonya Harding and Fat Joe. It’s quite the rebound for Johnny Football who has had wild year that found him being kicked out of the CFL, going to the AAF & having that league fold and his wife leaving him and taking social media dumps on his head for all to see.

Now comes Johnny’s career selling car insurance. This might not actually be a bad option for the guy. Keep playing a goof of yourself until these companies stop paying you. There’s always the family oil money to fall back on when times get rough.

Not going to lie, I thought this was some sort of spoof of car insurance commercials when I saw it Monday morning. Turns out it’s the real deal.


“In choosing celebrities, we wanted to hone in on people who share the same everyday issues our audience faces. Sure, they’ve risen to great heights in their careers and lives, but, at the end of the day, they’re just like everyone else,” said Nick Sonderup, Executive Creative Director at Pereira O’Dell, the agency behind the campaign, in a press release. “Direct Auto Insurance believes in giving them, and you, a second chance. We wanted to develop creative that celebrates that idea in a fun yet poignant way.”

In one of the spots, Manziel reads a mean tweet about him before getting to the pitch.


Here’s the main Manziel Auto Direct commercial that’s out:

Looks like Direct Auto has him out visiting people, shaking hands, earning a paycheck:

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