Eagles Fans Get Preseason Started By Beating Up Guy

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It won’t be long until I’m hearing from Philly fans using the same condescending line I’ve heard over the last few years, “Yeah, and Philly fans are the worst RIGHT?” Or some variation of that line as I post fan fights from throughout the NFL because you guys love that action and SportsCenter won’t show it, which means BC will maintain its original mission to show you things ESPN can’t or won’t show you.

Eagles fans have been sitting around the last couple years since winning the Super Bowl acting like every other fanbase across the U.S. is THE WORST and that people have been picking on Eagles fans all these years. It’s true that once the Eagles fans won the Super Bowl they turned into one of the most boring fanbases in the NFL, but that all appeared to change Thursday night during this lopsided fight after a preseason game against the Titans.


I’ve been saying it for like 11 years on BC — Eagles fans will always carry the banner as NFL Bad Boys. They might not be No. 1 because Raiders fans are still in Oakland, but they’re definitely in the top 5. Eagles fans always want to hand off such recognition to other NFL fans, but I’ve always said that deep down they love the attention it brings to be Bad Boys.

It’s in their blood and thank god they’re back to living up to the level of excellence their fathers and grandfathers built all those years ago.

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