Eagles Fan Drug Dealer Says “Go Birds” As She’s Sent To Prison For 6-To-15 Years

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Eagles fan Gwendolyn Prebish was just sentenced by a judge to spend 6-to-15 years in the death of her drug using client who, according to the courts, died from fentanyl sold by Gwendolyn, and the only thing she had to say during her perp walk was, “Go Birds!”

Prebish was found guilty of drug delivery resulting in death and during sentencing the judge wasn’t in the mood to hear that Gwendolyn was a user only selling to fund her usage. He dropped the hammer and sent her on her way into the Pennsylvania state prison system.

From the Pottstown Mercury:

The judge didn’t dispute that others may see Prebish as a “good person.” But O’Neill, addressing Prebish, said, “You, better than most, could hide in plain sight and peddle misery and death undetected.”

Referring to Prebish’s text messages to customers, O’Neill added, “You knew how to continue to solicit your clients. That’s basic salesmanship. Sadly, you were peddling a substance that kills.”

Gwen said sorry, cried and then heads off to smile and say “Go Birds” on the walk to the jail. Seems like she’s really off to a hot start with the prison system.

It seems like Gwendolyn might’ve been a typical suburban Eagles fan before selling the guy some of her stash. Stay off the drugs, kids. Smoke the weed for the back pain. Don’t be like Gwendolyn.

Now she has to find a prison TV to watch for most of Carson Wentz’s career in Philly.


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