Cowboys Flag At Construction Site Next To Redskins Camp Has Been Removed

cowboys flag redskins training camp

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The nightmare at Redskins training camp is officially over now that a Cowboys flag put up at a construction site next to the camp has been removed, according to the local sports Js on the ground. And you’ll never guess who asked the construction workers to remove the flag. Of course the Redskins asked. Great hustle here from WUSA9 reporter Darren Haynes who is all over this one that’s going to go nuts Thursday morning.

From WUSA9:

Afterward, Redskins officials told WUSA9’s Darren Haynes that they would ask the construction workers to remove the flag.

The Cowboys flag was eventually removed, but not before it caught the eye of some of the Redskins players.

“I would like to think that we had some really just intense fans run up there and tear it down,” punter Tress Way said.

If you think this is an isolated incident, you probably weren’t reading this site back in May when Browns fan construction worker hung a Baker Mayfield banner from M&T Stadium while doing work on the outside of the building. The guy behind that stunt had been planning it for a couple months before pulling off one of the great pranks in construction history.

As for a Cowboys fan outside the Redskins facility, that’s pretty tame. Of course the Redskins are soft and think about these little things instead of bigger things like taking care of the dump they play in.

Redskins camp location:

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