Woman Wanted For Peeing On Potatoes At Pennsylvania Walmart

via West Mifflin Police

If you thought things were going to settle down with the destruction of food via bodily fluids, you would be wrong, according to the West Mifflin, PA police who have a urinator on their hands. That’s right, West Mifflin cops say this (alleged) dirtbag took a leak on potatoes at a western Pennsylvania Walmart.

It’s one thing to lick ice cream, it’s another to piss on potatoes. And people wonder why I spend the extra $5 to shop at the little local grocery store frequented by little old ladies who would never think of taking a piss on potatoes. It’s worth the extra money.

From WFMJ:

Police are seeking a woman who they say urinated on potatoes at a Walmart in western Pennsylvania.

West Mifflin police posted surveillance photos on their Twitter account. It is not known when the incident took place. A Walmart representative told WPXI-TV an employee saw what the woman was doing.

In a statement, Walmart told the station it “it immediately disposed of the affected products and sanitized the area.”

Take a good look, one of you knows that Adrenaline shirt. One of you in the Pittsburgh area knows who this disgusting human is.

Looks like she’s creatin’ some social content right here:

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