Florida Woman Arrested For Punching Boyfriend Over How He Cut Meat & Potatoes

via Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

You hate to see a relationship hit a rough patch, especially in Florida when Florida Woman gets so mad at her live-in boyfriend that she (allegedly) hits hit with a fist over how he cut his meat and potatoes for dinner, but that’s where we’re at with Kimberly Jean Carroll and her boyfriend.

From the Miami Herald:

A deputy from the agency responded to a domestic disturbance call last Wednesday evening.

According to the sheriff’s office report, an individual said his live-in girlfriend, identified as Kimberly Jean Carroll, had hit him with a closed fist during an altercation seemingly over table manners.

The victim said the fight started over “how he cut his meat and potatoes for their dinner,” read the complaint.

A quick Facebook search led me to Kim’s Facebook account where I found a small amount of Florida quirky going on. If you believe Kim’s bio, she’s had like 40 jobs over her working career but nothing mentioning her work as a chef or in the restaurant industry that would indicate she has professional experience in cutting meat and potatoes.

I’m going to need to take a look at pics of the meat and potatoes to see if Kim was in the right here to drill her boyfriend over the cutting process.

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