Brewers Boob Grabber Gives Relationship Advice

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It’s absolutely incredible to hear so quickly from the Brewers fan who snagged a foul ball during a weekend game against the Cubbies in Milwaukee. Kyle checked in today to say how crazy it was to hear that the grab was out there and he even shared some advice with us on how to get yourself a great wife like LaRiah.

Relationship advice from Brewers Kyle:

find yourself a girl you know is way out of your league, treat her the best you can and hope to god she falls in love with you before she realizes it 😊 then maybe, just maybe someday you can get away with grabbing her titty on tv without getting slapped 😂

And there you have it. Treat them well, guys. A boob grab here and there is just keeping the relationship fresh. Grab some beers, laugh a little, maybe the wife slaps your leg to stop & then you go get ice cream or another beer.

Don’t forget there are still people out there who just want to have fun no matter what social media nerds want you to believe. Good for Kyle and LaRiah.

These two have had some fun times!

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