World’s Hottest Beekeeper Negin Mirsalehi, Chinese Are Mad At Messi & LSU Library GoFundMe Not Doing Well

You can pretty much figure out what’s going to be on TV tonight — baseball, golf, WNBA, soccer. I’m fairly bummed that the Canadian Football League is now on ESPN+ and that paywall. Combine that with the fact that UVerse doesn’t have NFL Network or Red Zone and I’m looking to switch providers. Time to start doing some research into all this and build a plan for football season. Hate to change it up, but it sounds like it’s going to be necessary.

Negin Mirsalehi is being called the World’s Hottest Beekeeper

Mom chases down flasher while out on a jog, gains national attention

Chinese are mad at Messi’s $500 shirt

Luol Deng is looking for someone to buy this dump of his

LSU library GoFundMe is up to $2,300

Brady Bunch kids get together, Marcia is still a dime

This Florida Woman hits big scratch-off prize, gets arrested for selling drugs outside a school

Here’s Parker Melting — college golfer

Looks Like He Got A Pump In Before The Weekend Video of the Week

Tacos of the Day

Sofia Vergara Stops By, Social Media Superstar Nancy & Rafael Nadal’s 80-Footer
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