Baker Mayfield GETS IT

Odell Beckham got all the headlines on day one at Browns camp for the logical reasons, but don’t sleep on the fact that newly married veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield is still the mayor of this town and as he goes, so goes the Browns franchise. Today was a great example of the mayor doing his duties when he could’ve just trotted out on the field and let the guys who’ll eventually get cut be the guys who run through the high school football player tunnel.

Not Baker. Football player tunnels were made for this guy. Real football guys love a fellow football player tunnel. As has been noted about this guy nearly every single day — he gets it. I don’t know how this will end for the Browns 15 years down the road, but it’s an absolute miracle the Browns finally found a guy willing to be the mayor after all these years of trying.

Think what Cleveland’s going to be like if the Browns come home 2-0 to face the Rams on Sunday night. It’s still going to be warm in Cleveland. It will be one of the biggest parties on a Sunday in Cleveland history.

Grown men will breakdown in tears over the joy running through their bodies. I’m here for this content like never before. I want tears. I want Baker causing chaos across the NFL & calling out Hue Jackson like it’s a WWE promo. I cannot wait.

Just listen to what he’s saying and actually means it…GETS IT:


Did I mention he GETS IT:

He gets it…keep the Cleveland media happy with one liners, keep the football player tunnels happy…this is such a good sign for the Browns franchise:

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Steelers Wide Receiver Eli Rogers Comes To Camp Via Big Rig
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