Meet Liv Lux — Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Contestant

I was cruising through DJ ADubb’s — the Legend of Lake Erie who can be seen at the Blue Marlin & the Green Room on Put-In-Bay — Instagram account and came across a promo pic featuring a woman that wasn’t typical ADubb material. This woman actually looked like an Instagram model and so of course I was going to click and find out a little more and it just happens that there was a enough there to bring you guys this post on Liv Lux, an Ohio Woman who has thrown her hat in the ring as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model contestant.

And here’s the kicker about Liv — she’s not a typical Instagram model. She’s into equestrian, has a variety of animals and says she’s 110% natural. That’s quite the 5-tool player right there. Guys always ask me what it takes these days for a woman to get posted here on BC. I just keep saying that I’m looking for unique. There are a million IG models who can take shots of their boobs in Tulum. There aren’t many out there riding horses through a pond and have the DJ ADubb stamp of approval.

According to her bio, Liv is 30 and interested in Animals, Traveling, Kayaking, Horse Showing, Shopping, Cosmetics, Hiking, Boating & Fishing. And did I mention the pic she posted to throw her hat into the ring with Sports Illustrated featured a bruise? This woman is unique and instantly gets into the rotation of BC IG models in Morning Screencaps.

Expect big things out of Liv the rest of the year.

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