I’m Told The BC Put In Bay Invitational Was A Success

Put In Bay Golf Invitational

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Mrs. BC stayed up with me on a Wednesday night until midnight gluing down the final cans to the BC Put In Bay Invitational, one final row of Naturdays going on and then topped with a stainless steel mixing bowl purchased at a big box store to make it the most beautiful trophy Put In Bay has ever seen. The next day I took off for what would be three days of trying to pull off — with the help of family and friends — the first ever Busted Coverage golf event on a Lake Erie island.

Those of you who’ve been to the Bay know its history, its dangers, its good times, its drunken nights. For those who’ve never been there, the Bay is a mix between Key West, Spring Break, Nantucket, Napa, 1980s Daytona. Hence the reason why I selected Put In Bay to be the location of this prestigious invitational. It just made sense and it helps that the 9-hole Saunders Country Club is super relaxed, short enough to walk in flops, maintained just enough to have a great time and is a short golf cart ride to debauchery in town where you can get into just about anything you’ve ever wanted to get into.

Golfers paid $50 — that included their ferry ride, golf, two clubs, balls, tees, beers, some of the coolest door prizes you’ll ever see and then pizza and beer after golf at the Blue Marlin where Lake Erie Legend DJ ADubb was holding court as only the Black Hammer can.  I thought it was a pretty fair price. Didn’t have any complaints. There was so much beer that I’ve taken beer to some participant’s houses because they paid for it anyway.


• Mark Parker & Chris Sneider claimed to shoot a 5-under 25 to win the tournament

• I purposely didn’t create a prize for the winners because we know golfers are lying idiots who’ll cheat for a sleeve of golf balls. Prizes were awarded by raffle ticket drawings. Pretty much everyone went home with something. Nobody complained so it must’ve been fair enough.

It's time for the BC Put In Bay Invitational video…easily the best golf tournament I've been to in a long time. Had some fun. Might do it again next year if you're interested.

Posted by Busted Coverage on Wednesday, 10 July 2019

• We did a $5 closest to the pin shootout on No. 9 facing down the west winds off Lake Erie about 200 yards behind the pin. It wasn’t pretty, but Mark Kramer took the pot with a shot that was probably five feet from the cup from 90 out. Not great, but you have to remember that golfers were using random clubs we bought in Ann Arbor at a second hand store. It’s not like guys were breaking out 60-degree wedges.

• The Saunders Country Club was in pretty great shape. Not going to lie, I was shocked. The greens were thicc AF, but that is a smart move — they’re not burnt up.

• Price if you’re not playing in the BC Invitational — $10 for 9 holes; $15 for 18.

• So many guys told me they never knew there was a golf course on Put In Bay. That’s because they never go out to the state park or to Joe’s Bar, a great bar just outside the course ropes. You could play the first hole, walk across the road, crush a couple beers, walk back to No. 2 and keep playing.

Saunders Golf Course Put In Bay course layout Saunders Golf Course scorecard Put In Bay

• These distances are deceiving if you can’t hit a ball straight. No. 7 might seem like an eagle hole at 250 — the fairway is tight! No. 8 is the same way. Sure, it’s just a simple wedge in, but after a few beers it’s not as easy as you’re thinking.

• And then No. 9, one of the greatest finishing holes on Lake Erie. What a beautiful sight it is on a glorious blue sky day. You walk up to the tee box — there isn’t one — and try to find a nice spot to launch a ball 90 yards over a gravel road and onto the green. Next year I’ll make this into a spectacle. There’s a great space around the green to put up a tent, open up tables, grill dogs, crack beers and watch people take their shot at prize money.


I couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural tournament. The weather was insane — hot AF, blue skies, zero rain for three days on the island. The participants couldn’t have been better. It helps that these people have become friends of mine, but that doesn’t allow me to rest and not give them value on the dollar. The last thing I’d want is for a friend to say the event was just OK.

Mrs. BC was a huge help preventing me from going off the rails; I don’t remember the last time I golfed with my dad who has dealt with shoulder issues the last three years or so. It was nice for him to have this experience. Step-mother Kathy did a great job keeping coolers filled and with event coordination.

Sponsors…we’re working with some of the greatest sponsors I could ask for. I asked CELSIUS if they could send 5-6 cases; they sent 10. I know CELSIUS has been around for like a decade, but get ready to start seeing them around in more places. Not many complaints out of those who had a Cell-dog. Fuji Apple Pear. Trust me.

Our friends at Aaron’s put up a 49″ LG TV. Our friends at David Gluckle Insurance took care of golf balls and tees. Louisville Title stepped up with a great raffle prize.

And then there’s our great friend Alan K. Fuhrhop and his wife Jeannine. Alan, a great Ohio State grad, retired out of the insurance field, but now he’s in the realtor game. This guy literally asks, “What will it take to sponsor the event?” He steps up with money to pull this off and then gets us drunk the night before the event. Jeannine keeps him in line and they know the ins and outs of Put In Bay better than most anyone.

Can’t wait to do it again next year. Mrs. BC will need to make a new trophy.

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