North Carolina Man Likes Taking .97 Stickers & Putting Them on Products, Cops Allege

via WBTV

I’m not an expert on living a real hard life, but Nicholas Holdeen sure seems to have done some hard livin’ over the years because he’s just 36, looks 56 and is out here running a .97 sticker scam at a Walmart, according to the cops. The gist of the arrest is that Nick took a .97 sticker, put it on a Red Bull 12-pack, bought it, left, came back, returned the Red Bull, then took .97 sticker & put it on light bulbs.

Here’s the thing about all of this — Walmart is pretty much asking to get ripped off if UPC stickers can be transferred to different products and the self-scan doesn’t know any better. I thought each product, like a Red Bull 12-pack had its own UPC. Had no idea there were .97 UPCs out here and return clerks dumb enough to fall for stuff like this.

From WBTV:

According to the report, Nicholas Holdeen, 36, of Jake Alexander Boulevard went into the Salisbury Walmart on Tuesday and took the UPC code sticker from an item that cost .97 cents and placed on a 12-pack of Red Bull. Holdeen bought the drinks, then left the store.

Sometime later, Holdeen came back into Walmart, went to the return counter, and presented the pack of Red Bull along with a receipt from a Walmart in High Point for a regularly priced pack of the drinks. Holdeen returned the Red Bull along with that receipt, and was given $20.

Later, Holdeen allegedly took the same .97 UPC price code sticker and put it on a pack of 500 watt light bulbs.

I’m starting to think Walmart should hire this Holdeen guy as a consultant on all the scams being run out there. Obviously they’re playing too loose with their UPC codes if he can pull off this caper. This guy could be a commodity to the Salisbury, N.C. location.

As for UPC scammers, it’s nothing new within the scamming community. You might remember an Ohio Man who ran a million-dollar scam operation. That’s right, over a million!

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