Newfoundland Stripper Adds Details To Broken ECHL Trophy Story

ECHL Kelly Cup broken strip club

via Twitter

The broken ECHL Kelly Cup trophy at a Newfoundland strip club story rolls on as we now have a response from one of the strippers who posed with the broken trophy that was actually a brand new trophy because Colorado, the 2018 champion, won’t return the old cup to the ECHL offices.

I’m keeping the stripper’s name and identity private because she was nice enough to come forward and give one of our investigators further details as to what went down at that strip club.

The stripper wrote via Twitter DM:

“I’m one of the two girls above. It’s a true story the girl cut her finger on the cup when it broke, she’s ok…the cup is fixed!”

The cut finger seems to paint a picture as to how the one stripper ended up with blood on her leg. I’d still like to know if there was some sort of dramatic moment where the Kelly Cup broke. Was one of the strippers pouring beers out of it while hanging upside down on a stripper pole? Was it glued at the club? I just need someone to walk me through what the scene was like when Mr. Patrick Kelly’s cherished new trophy was broken.

If you were at the strip club the night the Kelly Cup broke in Newfoundland and can fill in some of the details, hit me up. You’ll remain anonymous. I’m here for the story, not to name names. 

@bustedcoverage or [email protected]

Here’s the full direct message from the Newfoundland stripper:

via BC i-Team
ECHL Broken Trophy Investigation Rolls On With Possible Lead
ECHL Broken Trophy Investigation Rolls On With Possible Lead
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