ECHL Broken Trophy Investigation Rolls On With Possible Lead

ECHL Kelly Cup broken strip club

via Twitter

As I said Monday night in my first blog about the broken ECHL Kelly Cup trophy, I believe the broken Cup photo was taken at a St. John’s, Newfoundland strip club and I said it appeared that club was the Cotton Club.

Our investigators (Twitter followers and connected friends) have been scouring through multiple strip club photos and one reader, Matt_ab wants us to concentrate on a photo from The Cotton Club’s site that features a dancer doing stripper pole acrobatics and has a rather interesting tattoo placement. Take a look at the evidence Matt has found and then compare to the stripper ass tat pic from the original post.

Click on Matt’s screenshot & zoom in. He just might’ve broken this case open.


The one thing that’s throwing me off are the blonde locks. The broken Kelly Cup stripper’s hair looks bleached AF. Maybe it’s just the flash. As for that tat location, it’s definitely unique.

I did hear back from our old friend Cody Lampl who spent a year in St. John’s playing in the AHL. Sounds like he’s not real familiar with the couch padding at the Cotton Club. Just couldn’t put his finger on the exact location and that’s OK because it keeps us investigators on the hunt. On the hunt for how Mr. Patrick Kelly’s replacement Kelly Cup was broken so soon after the ECHL bought it because Colorado wouldn’t give back the old one.

Have a lead in the broken ECHL Kelly Cup story? Let me know. You can always slide into the DMs if you’re trying to protect your identity. I won’t out you. Or email.

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