Brooke Burke Still Going Strong, BJ Penn Fights Strip Club Bouncer & Bob Ley Retires

Game 3 for all the marbles tonight in Omaha. That’s at 7 on ESPN and it’s a good thing Vandy & Michigan went to Game 3 because that’s about it unless you’re into the WNBA. There’s a Panama-U.S. Gold Cup that a certain segment of society will fake care about on FS1 at 9 ET. Other than that it’s a music on the patio kind of night. I have a project to finish so I might turn on the garage radio and enjoy the nice hot air and soak up summer.

Brooke Burke yet again showing us what 47 should look like

BJ Penn fights strip club bouncer & it’s on video

Texas teacher popped for allegedly filming porn videos in a classroom

Kylie Jenner vs. ARod is on…this one seems fake AF because both love some attention for their brands

Bob Ley retirement news

New trend by dumb local TV station Facebook pages — Use a GIF, Tell Us How….

Florida Man who attacked flamingo in 2016 was hit & killed by a truck in 2019

Here’s ASU Carrie

High School Graduate Lawn Mowing Recruiting Video of the Year

Tacos of the Day

Francesca Aiello Unleashes On South Beach, Wladimir Klitschko Rescued & KC Sports Talk Guy Getting Dragged
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