Francesca Aiello Unleashes On South Beach, Wladimir Klitschko Rescued & KC Sports Talk Guy Getting Dragged

Vandy-Michigan Game 2…will a snowplow team finally win a College World Series in the modern era? If not now, when? That’s at 7 on ESPN. You’ll also get a couple women’s World Cup matches and some MLB action to fake care about. I actually fake cared about baseball last night. It was weird. Here I was blogging about a hockey trophy being broken at a strip club with baseball on in the background. Weird times.

Francesca Aiello on South Beach…no bullshittt, just click this one

Former college soccer player Analyse will be on Big Brother…this should be good for ratings

Wladimir Klitschko’s yacht catches fire at sea, has to be rescued

KC sports talk radio guy is taking heat for his Andy Reid conversation that might’ve included references to his dead son

Nats fan using Sebring as mobile Nats tracker

This Kentucky Man is accused of kidnapping, using pliers on guy’s toes & angle grinder on his legs

Florida Man popped for taking a dump in a driveway

Here’s Dominick from Jacksonville…she’s a Jags cheerleader

DaddyLuv Still Has The Game That Should Be Perfect For The Big 3 Video of the Week

Tacos of the Day

Rhian Sugden Means Biz On Some Beach, Carey Price Takes Wife’s Thong To Awards & Mets Are A Mess
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