The Stanley Cup Seems To Be Enjoying Vegas At Wet Republic

via Wet Republic/Instagram

What a time to be alive for the Stanley Cup and the St. Louis Blues. The Cup is in Las Vegas this weekend at Wet Republic at MGM Grand and it seems to be having the time of its life partying with all the Gen Z and millennials at the pools where the ladies can’t get enough of the coolest trophy in sports. For once, the ladies and their fake, bolt-on trophies are overshadowed because Stanley is just that awesome.

I’m not even sure which Blues players we’re looking at here, but they’re clearly having a great time and seemed to have invited a couple of ladies into the private cabana to suck from the Cup. Can’t blame them here. Party your asses off boys. You earned it.

Word on the street is that some of the Blues will be staying in town for the NHL Awards on Wednesday. Pray for Stanley’s liver.

via Wet Republic/IG Story via Wet Republic/IG Story

And then it was time for Stanley to get some sleep…gotta get some zzzs before heading out at like 2 a.m. to the clubs:

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