Ohio Man Beats Uncle To Death With Baseball Bat Over Game Of Pool

Ohio man kills uncle over game of pool

via Franklin County (OH) Jail

Summer is here in Ohio and it’s time for Ohio Man to start catching up to Florida in the weird crime department. Cameron Goodrich gets things rolling by (allegedly) beating his uncle to death with a wooden Rawlings bat over a game of pool that went bad and ended up with Uncle Dino dead and Cam facing a murder charge. Again, it was over a game of pool — allegedly.

From the NY Post:

Cameron Blake Goodrich, 34, was arrested late Tuesday after his uncle, Dino Goodrich, 59, was found unresponsive by cops on the garage floor of a home they shared in Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus. Paramedics tried to save the unconscious man, but he was later pronounced dead at a hospital, police said.

Investigators discovered that the men had been involved in a prolonged dispute over a game of pool earlier Tuesday that culminated with Cameron Goodrich grabbing a bat from inside the home and attacking his uncle.

At 34 you’d think that Cam would have all the rage pretty much out of the system, especially over something like pool. Of course people over 34 murder uncles all the time, but over pool? That’s a new one for me.

Cam’s going to miss the Super Bowl run:

Cam’s an Ohio State fan who’s going to miss some games:

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