Natalie Roser Doing Her Thing In Mexico, Zion Struggles With Golf & Le’Veon Has Girlfriend Issues

It’s time for the Canadian Open! Of course that means Dustin Johnson will be playing. He’s always up in Canada for this one now that he’s Paulina Gretzky‘s baby daddy. It’s pretty much expected out of DJ. The French Open semis are today and it’s still crickets out there from the sports world. It’s crazy how much tennis is forgotten these days. You’ll also get Blues at Bruins at 8 on NBC.

Natalie Roser destroying a Mexican beach

Zion Williamson…not a great golfer

Horrific UFC injury…you’ve been warned

Le’Veon Bell’s having girlfriend(s) problems…jewelry is missing

Odell seems impressed…Browns are clearly going to be dangerous

Florida Woman stabs herself because she’s tired of living in ‘Trump’s country’

Dayton TV guys are still fighting after tornado coverage

Here’s Maddy from Northern Arizona U.

Here Are Some Badasses Video of the Day

Tacos of the Day

Emma Watson At Cabo Pool, Jay Cutler Now A Photographer & Hank Vs. Tiger Heats Up
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