Florida Man Charter Boat Captain Holds Passengers Hostage, Does Coke, Drinks Beer, Shoots Gun

via WFLA

Something tells me Florida Man charter boat captain Mark Bailey, 36, won’t be getting a good Yelp review after what (allegedly) went down on a boat over the weekend where police allege Bailey snorted cocaine, hammered beers, sucked down some rum and fired off a few rounds out of a 9mm.

That sounds like one helluva day on a charter boat, but the passengers say it was hell and they won’t be getting on a boat with Mark again. He allegedly told the passengers, “I’m going to put a bullet in each one of your heads and I’m going to leave you out here and no one’s going to know anything different.”

It’s been blazing hot in Florida. Sounds like it sent Mark off the deep end.

From Fox4:

Several witnesses told Sarasota police Bailey was drinking multiple beers on the boat. One passenger told police he saw Bailey getting high off cocaine and another witness said Bailey was drinking rum off the bottle on top of getting high off cocaine.

“For the first time in my life I didn’t think I was coming back,” said passenger Christopher Giuffre. “I thought for sure someone was going to parish. I thought it could have been multiple.”

And then to top it all off, how about some gun shots.

One of the passengers told police Bailey got into an altercation with a “young man and grabbed him around the neck” and then ripped the man’s chain off his neck. The same passenger told police Bailey took out his “9 mm and fired six to seven shots,” and then circled the boat around instead of bringing the passengers back to shore.

WFLA adds that Bailey acted like he was heading to shore, but he was actually driving the boat in circles out at sea while holding his passengers hostage.

Looks like much more calm times for Mark:

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