Pennsylvania Man Thinks Roundabouts Cause Tornaders

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I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way Pennsylvania Man can be serious thinking that roundabouts cause tornadoes. Or tornaders. That man can’t possibly think that cars going in a circle causes a vortex which then turns into tornadoes, right? Well, as someone who lived in Northeast Pennsylvania for four years — that was plenty of time to get an idea of how these people think — and worked for a newspaper, I can report that this is exactly something that a NEPA lifer would come up with.

The best way to describe Northeast Pennsylvania is to think of your middle of the road city that you grew up in and then picture it in the 1970s to early 1980s. That’s Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding area for the most part. Of course there are pockets of people who have their heads in the 21st century, but this area is firmly 30-40 years behind.

Let’s take a listen to the call place to WNEP 16 which broadcasts to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre region.

The caller is from White Haven, PA, which is a tiny village on I-80 about 40 miles west of the New Jersey line. It’s a quiet life in White Haven. Town goes to bed at 9, gets up at 6, goes to work, maybe a Little League baseball game, grabs a hoagie and a sixer at the local sandwich shop and calls it a day. Maybe throw the TV on the fake news channels, get fired up, see what’s going on at Facebook and maybe get into a few comment wars. Very typical stuff out of that part of the country.

I like to tell the story about my time in Wilkes-Barre when they finally got an Olive Garden in like 2002. I remember people coming to work and saying how it was a 2-3 hour wait to get a table. Seriously. It was pretty much the first casual fine dining place to open in that city. It was bizarre.

I assume Roundabout Guy takes his old lady to the Garden for a big night out in the city where he can get a good meal and think about the old days when he didn’t have to worry about getting blown off the map:

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