NSFWBDs React To Andy Ruiz Becoming Heavyweight Champion of the World

I was out of the loop this weekend, so I didn’t hear anything about the Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua fight until this morning when I heard that the thicc AF Ruiz had TKO’d the chiseled Joshua to claim like three heavyweight champion belts. Of course I had to dig into the BDs after taking care of my morning business. The BDs didn’t disappoint.

The dynamics were all there for this one to blow up into a perfect storm for the BDs. You have Ruiz looking like he just rolled off the couch after going on a Snickers bender vs. a guy who looks like he posts workout IGs on a regular basis and crushes protein shakes so he can go crush more iron.

Joshua rolls in with the belts and is a huge favorite. Ruiz is supposed to get crushed, the boxing world will forget his name the next morning and life will go on as Joshua heads towards some other massive payday.

Then Ruiz wins, Screamin’ A. Smith goes on a ridiculous Twitter rampage and the BDs can’t believe that Ruiz did it for all the thicc AF BDs out there. Once again we are treated to a great moment in boxing history where the big fat guy is champ. This will be fun until boxing figures out a way to have Ruiz defeated and he fades off into the sunset with a fat check and all the Snickers he’ll ever be able to eat.

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