24 NSFWBDs React To Game Of Thrones Finale

The end is here for Game of Thrones on HBO and I finished the series by watching one episode, the first one this season because ATT was running a free HBO preview. In other words, I have no idea what all the rage is over the show, so that’s why I go to the NSFWBDs to get a real reaction instead of whiny white people always acting like the finale to every single series they love is the worst thing ever.

The NSFWBDs, as they always have, keep things real and on a level where I can understand. White people on Cool Twitter act like the coolest kids in the classroom and if you’re not on their level of cool, you just wouldn’t understand.

Enter the BDs. Straight to the point, no cutting corners or trying to make you feel like a loser because you’re not on their level. Honestly, putting this one together made me feel better about being online 14 hours a day. The BDs always put me in a better place.

White people were absolutely fixated on that water bottle:

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