North Carolina Groom Shoots New Brother-In-Law For Bringing Dog To Wedding, Not Writing ‘Just Married’

via Rowan Sheriff’s Office

I know you’re going to think this one is out of Florida, but in a shocking development this wedding family feud went down in North Carolina

From WBTV:

Kenneth Mills, 61, married Debbie Mills on Saturday. According to the report, Kenneth Mills got into a disagreement with his new brother-in-law, Michael Ray Macy, 50.

Macy apparently brought a dog to the wedding reception venue on Cannon Farm Road. Mills confronted Macy about bringing the dog, and venue staff asked Macy to take the dog and leave.

Macy also had been given the responsibility of writing “Just Married” on the back of the truck being driven by the newlyweds, but he failed to do so.

Some time later, Mills called Macy to ask him why he hadn’t decorated the truck, to which Macy replied “(expletive deleted) you!”

Annnnnnnddddd then it was officially on. Mills drove over to his brother-in-law’s house, allegedly hit the BIL over the head with a gun and then shot him in both legs. This is no way to start a family relationship. Just think what happens on Christmas if Mike forgets to bring the deviled eggs he promised to bring on a Facebook Messenger thread. Who knows what Ken is capable of then.

As for Ken’s bond, it was just $1,000 for assault with a deadly weapon. Something tells me this had been brewing.

Looks like Debbie just wanted to have a stress-free day of bliss…didn’t happen:

Before Ken shaved his head:

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