Florida Women Ask For Free Fries At Burger King, Get Denied, Go On Rampage

What if I told you two women pulled up to a Florida Burger King, asked for free fries and then when they were told no, they went into the Burger King, robbed the place and left without french fries? Of course you’d believe it because this is Florida we’re dealing with here and you know that the best and brightest criminal acts go down in the Sunshine State where each day is about as unpredictable as it gets in the world of criminals.

From WSVN:

According to an arrest report, 42-year-old Natasha Ethel Bagley and 27-year-old Genesis Peguero went through the drive-thru of a Burger King, located at 18240 South Dixie Highway on April 2.

Police said while in the drive-thru, the pair asked for free fries, but the employee denied their request.

Detectives said minutes later, Bagley and Peguero went inside and caused a commotion, and Peguero jumped over the counter into the employee-only area.

The store manager heard the ruckus and stepped out of her office, where she was confronted by Peguero. The manager said Peguero demanded she open the register and give her all the money inside, and she threatened to hit her over the face with a gun.

Ethel? Now there’s a middle name you don’t see much these days. And you never hear about a Natasha Ethel going nuts on a Burger King like this. As for Peguero, she’s the one police say did the real dirty work here and she’s still on the run.

The women reportedly didn’t like that one of the Burger King workers called one of them “bitch” and that set off one of the bandits.

Here’s a shot of Natasha minus the wig:

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