How To Always Catch The Game Even When Traveling

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Those of us who get to travel the world are extremely lucky. Most people in the US make it out of their own state once in a while, but never get to go much further. With that in mind, I’m not about to complain that I get to travel!

However, there is a trade-off that I have to make as a football fan and it is especially frustrating when I am traveling for work. In a different time zone, with sports channels that don’t show American sports, catching even the most important game is difficult. But it can be done.

There are a few tips to keep in mind before you leave for your trip.

Download a VPN

You should already have a virtual private network (VPN). This essential security software hides your location and encrypts your data, protecting you from hackers. They cost around $10 a month but you can find free options at this site.

What does a VPN have to do with watching sports? VPNs work by routing your connection through external servers. If you choose a server in the US, any website you visit will think you are in the US no matter where in the world you are. This way, you can get past geo-restrictions imposed by streaming sites.

Download a VPN in advance, as you want to be comfortable with using it beforehand. The last thing you want is to struggle with it minutes before the game.

Get ahead of the times

Time zones are confusing, even for the most seasoned traveler. You may know full well that you are five hours ahead of your usual time but still count backward. Even though websites now automatically tell you what time games are scheduled depending on where you are, there is still plenty of room for mistake. It has happened to me a couple of times that I missed a game because the date read the next day, whereas it was technically happening late that night.

Schedule in advance, making sure you’re aware of when the games are happening and how practical it will be to watch them. If you’re dedicated, you may have to get up in the middle of the night to watch.

Get ready to compromise

Finally, one of the most important things you need to do in preparation is to decide what you’re willing to compromise. It may simply be impossible for you to watch a number of games at late hours without ruining your ability to function during the rest of your trip. Decide which games are most important and stay up/wake up for those.

Furthermore, if you are with others who are not sports fans, you have to be aware that they’re not going to appreciate the importance of the game. They might give you a hard time for choosing sports over sightseeing. In this case, knowing what you’re willing to compromise will be a huge help. By choosing to give up games you are willing to miss, you will come across as perfectly reasonable!

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