Justine Soranzo Is The Yankees Stadium Instagram Model











She’s been identified — the Yankees Stadium Instagram Model is Justine Soranzo, a model who gained fame on Wednesday for doing an Instagram shoot in the upper deck as the Yankees beat the Orioles 3-1 behind seven strong innings from Domingo German. Now comes the Page Six and gossip sites for Ms. Soranzo who will get more exposure out of this shoot than pretty much any shoot she could ever come up with and all it took was a game ticket.

Great job by the guys at Branded Sports tracking down Justine. This is exactly the kind of old school Internet content that fueled the Internet for the first half of my BC career before people got all uptight and boring.

I’ve tried to tell the Instagram models for years around here that if you want to gain special attention and differentiate yourself from all the other models, do a jersey shoot or a shoot that revolves around sports of some sort. Guys are so numb to seeing the same Coachella pics, the same 1960s hippie glasses shoot, the typical beach photos, etc. Justine starts posing during a Wednesday game and here we are with her getting 5,100 likes on the final product.

This is a NYC marketing agencies dream for a client. Just think of all the earned media Justine will get here. The View hasn’t even gotten its hands on her. GMA hasn’t come calling. The Today Show. They’re all on the way for Justine if she wants to do the media rounds tomorrow morning. I’m sure producers are blowing up her DMs.


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