Danny Amendola & Instagram Model Emily Tanner Do Miami














Danny Amendola seems to have moved on from Olivia Culpo, the woman Tim Tebow wouldn’t give up his virginity for, and has rebounded with Michigan State alum Emily Tanner, according to gossip hounds at Talk-Sports who’ve been going nuts over Danny’s weekend trip to Miami with this new fling. Did I mention that Emily is a huge Detroit sports fan and Danny just happened to sign with the Lions during the offseason?

We first posted about Emily way back in 2016, but then she just went on with her life as an Instagram model until this weekend when the paparazzi cameras caught up with Emily and Danny.

From the NY Post:

As for Culpo, 27, who dropped Amendola, 33, after images surfaced of the NFL star soaking up the sun with journalist Bianca Peters last fall, she, too, is in South Florida, celebrating her birthday, as well as her appearance in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

“@si_swimsuit .. It’s finally here!!!!!!” Culpo posted Wednesday on Instagram. “This was one of my hardest days for personal reasons (as some of you may remember). I landed in Australia to shoot these photos with some info that rocked my world. Looking back at this first picture, I know exactly what was going through my mind at the time.”

You know, the more I think about it, the more I can’t blame god for making Tebow not giving up his virginity to Culpo. She is probably a huge pain in the ass. She split from Tim over no sex and now Danny’s just out here crushing IG models. Advantage: Amendola.

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