Who Is Going To Make The NBA Finals?

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing and this year’s season has been better than ever. Fans have been blessed with some of the best games ever and this is not debatable. Nevertheless, the season is far from over. It is currently entering the home stretch and there is a good chance that great games are ahead. So, who is going to end up making the NBA finals? Within this guide, you’re going to learn all about the NBA playoffs and the teams with the best chances.

Rockets Lose Out

Early on, it was believed that the Houston Rockets would have a great chance of winning it all. That seemed true until yesterday. The team lost its series to the Golden State Warriors. The final score was 118 to 113. The series ended with the Warriors ending 4 and the Rockets winning 2. It was an impressive feat and it definitely surprised a whole lot of fans. There is a good chance that the Rockets are going to be just as good if not better next year. Nevertheless, this is definitely a blemish for fans.

Big Games Ahead

Sunday is going to be full of great games. Both series have been tied up 3 to 3. It is going to be sudden death for these teams. First and foremost, you have the Denver Nuggets squaring off against the Trailer Blazers. The game will air on ABC at 2:30. This is really a toss-up game. Portland started off horribly last game, but managed to turn things around at the last minute. Can they do it again? Or, will the Nuggets remain in complete control this time around?

At 6 PM on TNT, the Raptors will face off against the 76ers. This is going to be a heated game from start to finish. After all, both teams have put together great performance during this series. Who will emerge victoriously? Whose dreams are going to come to a crashing halt? It should be interesting to see where things go from here.

The Playoffs

Fans are anticipating a great matchup between Portland and Denver and Philadelphia and Toronto. If fans have their way, their team will advance. As difficult as it may seem at this point, only one winner will walk away with the title.

If the Raptors continue to do well, they very well defeat the Sixers, at least that is what fans are hoping for. The trio, Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, have shown dominance in recent games. With the help of these players, Jimmy Butler will push forward.

Some experts are predicting Brett Brown’s team to come out on top. And, with Simmons recent struggles to hit double digits, they must just be right.


Each team has strengths and weaknesses that will determine the end results. Unlike the regular season, the playoffs bring out the best and worst in players. It will really depend on how bad the teams want it. Even with all the data available, it is still difficult to predict the outcome of the NBA playoffs.

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