What Is New In Sports Betting

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Sports Betting has been part of the human race since the beginning of time. People will always find a way to place bets and in the best way that they can. If you look at the history of sports betting, you will notice that it has remained unchanged for a lot of centuries. However, today with the best online sportsbook USA, you can reimagine sports betting. We will take a look at how below.

A brief history of sports wagering

If you take a look at the brief history of Sports Betting, there is no exact date which accurately tells when gambling began. However, the first evidence which proves physical Sports Betting was found in China. The concrete evidence found involved tiles which were unearthed that date back to 2300 BC. Its believed that these tiles were used to play the original game of chance. Harvard and Yale have gone further to prove that the Chinese used to be involved in lottery games because there is some tile like pieces in the form of keno slips. Studies show that their keno slips were also used for gambling during the construction of the Great Wall of China.

It was in the 18th century that the USA and Canada picked up gambling. Then in the 20th century, the whole world was involved in almost every type of gaming there is known.  It was at the end of the twentieth century that the gambling industry took a turn in how things are done.  The inception of technology and the internet metamorphosed a lot of industries and the Sports Betting industry was not left behind.

How has technology changed the sports betting industry?

The internet has dramatically changed how punters place their bets and the statistics that they need to put their wager. A couple of years ago if you wanted to put your chance, then you had to use newspapers magazines and radio to gather information that will help you. However, the internet has changed how things are done, and you can practically find anything you want online. Here is a look at what is new in the Sports betting industry.

#1. The Lines are better.

All that the lines are not yet a hundred percent, but they are way better than what it was a few decades ago. The public has a majority of the say about the final Lines.

#2. Placing bets is easy.

The legalization of gambling in most countries is still a debate. However, with the inception of online casinos, it is straightforward to place a bet. A couple of years ago you will have to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino to place a bet. Let us not even talk about the US where you had to go all the way to Nevada so that you could gamble.

#3. There are more bets.

You can place a bet on any sport and any League. It does not matter if you are betting on the Superbowl or college football. The thing is you can earn extra money from betting on anything.

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