Georgia Fan Got Mixed Up In Virginia Meth Operation?

via Chesterfield, VA police

It’s gotten to the point here on BC that when someone spots a ‘Dawg Nation’ neck tattoo on a guy arrested in Virginia it automatically turns into an SEC reference…It Just Means More®. But in this circumstance I cannot confirm if James Bailey of Chesterfield, arrested in a meth lab bust is in fact a Georgia Bulldogs fan. I can’t seem to find a Facebook for this guy and the very basic white guy name is giving me problems.

Maybe Dawg Nation is referencing another school. Maybe Dawg Nation is a saying that references a guys group I’m not aware of. I can confirm that the 804 area code is from the Richmond, VA area so James is definitely loyal to his neighborhood.

From NBC12:

Four people have been arrested after Chesterfield police uncovered a suspected meth lab in the 6700 block of the Jefferson Davis Highway.

Police were originally called for the report of a vacant apartment being occupied after 8 p.m. May 12. Officials said officers at the scene found “suspicious items.”

Inside, police found material consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Aaron S. Brown, 50, of Richmond was arrested along with Stephanie N Campbell, 31, Cassie L. Perry, 22, and James Bailey, 26 – all of Chesterfield. All four were charged with manufacturing a scheduled I or II substance and conspiracy.

I did a Google Search for ‘Dawg Nation Virginia’ and was shocked to see how the Dawgs do some serious recruiting up north. Very possible there’s a big Dawg Nation there that I wasn’t aware of.

Gotta get it together Stephanie…too much life to live girl:

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Danny Amendola & Instagram Model Emily Tanner Do Miami
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