Toledo Crazy Woman Opal Covey, Who Speaks In Tongues, Makes Wrestling Debut Tonight

via Extreme Chaos Wrestling

Those of you who know just know — Opal Covey, the legendary Toledo mayoral candidate who speaks in tongues and has for years wanted to build a massive amusement park in the city even though Cedar Point is just down the road, IS BACK and this time she’s going to make her wrestling debut tonight at an ECW-like event from the Extreme Chaos Wrestling organization.

Opal, who has claimed many times that her votes have been stolen by corrupt politicians, is scheduled to face a special guest according to ECW. Organizers have been making the media rounds, but they won’t let it slip as to how Opal fits its tonight’s show at the Ohio Theater where tensions will be high because you never know when Opal will hammer you with a curse as she has done to many politicians in her day.

Here’s Opal’s hype video…very Flair-esque!

Opal even took time from her training to talk wrestling with the Toledo Blade:

“Wrestling is not my top sport, but I know sometimes it takes wrestling [to win], even in the word of the Lord. Jacob wrestled. So even the Lord knows we’re wrestling. I have wrestled for 41 years with this city. I don’t give up and there’s nothing too hard for me to do.”

I’m intrigued by this whole Opal angle and would probably catch the show, but I have other plans. If you’re in the area, tickets are $10 for general admission. Should be a good time, especially if they give Opal the mic.

Remember when Opal spoke in tongues? Nobody speaks in tongues quite like Opal

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