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You know what I’ve never seen in all my days posting tailgating vehicles? I’ve never seen a Busch Light themed camper. I’m actually shocked there aren’t more of these out in the wild like the Sponge Bob themed Cutlass you’ll see from the hood. How aren’t there more Busch Light trailers out there that double as ice fishing campers? They just don’t exist.

This one in Manitowoc, WI isn’t anything special, but that lack of amenities keeps the price down to a point where you and the boys can’t hurt this one. You can trash it, puke in it and it’s not really going to matter. Just think of the party this thing is going to create for you and the boys. Ladies won’t be able to contain themselves when they see this pulling into the tailgate lot.

From the seller:

Well folks, here’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You’re from Wisconsin and what’s going to be more memorable than rolling up somewhere with a Busch light camper. It’s also fishable if you wish to take it out on the lake in winter. Now’s your chance to get your hands on it! Asking $2000 obo

I’d come in at $1,500 on the table and see how things go. Don’t get desperate unless you start tasting the cold beers you’re going to slam in this camper while getting your line wet while hiding from your wife on a Saturday. Then you might just give the guy his asking price.

This one really needs some Busch artwork — maybe a painting — on the inside. That would really make this one a must-have.

[Buy a Busch Light Camper – Facebook Marketplace]

This isn’t the camper for sale…just thought you’d like to see another piece of art:

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