Natty Light Is Looking For A Summer Intern Who Wants To Drink Beer

via Natty

It might be late in the game for Natty Light to be hiring a summer intern, but then again, this is a great time to look for an intern who likes to drink (*drink responsibly), go to sporting events and run social media channels. All the other responsible college students have their summer internships leaving only the perfect candidates for Natty to choose from.

This will be an 8-week bender. They’re going to throw you into the Natty thunderdome from June 10-August 2 and you’ll be creating content like a mad man. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. I assume you’ll be crushin Naturdays, probably lounging in a pool building beeramids. You know, real hard summer work.

Don’t even bother reading the fine print, signup here.

From the Natty Light PR department:

It’s graduation season, and the entry-level job market is competitive as ever. So, Natty Light is here to help its fans with an amazing internship opportunity.

Hiring managers too often default to the most academically qualified candidates while overlooking some of the more uniquely-qualified applicants out there.

Natty believes a great candidate is so much more than a piece of paper.

That’s why Natural Light is launching today a nationwide search for the 2019 Natty Light Summer Intern…but we’re not looking for someone who’s “traditionally qualified.” We’re looking for someone who’s NATTY-QUALIFIED.

Natty-Qualified is someone who lives the values of the Natural Light brand. It’s someone who values making amazing memories as much as a stellar GPA. It’s someone who’s just as creative writing an English 102 essay as they are converting a bathtub into a cooler.

And the internship pay is pretty good too! The amount equates to an annual starting salary of $83,200 ($1600x52weeks) or roughly $40/hour ($1600/40 hour work week).

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