Meet Paige Lorenze – Girlfriend Of Leafs Kasperi Kapanen

I received a message over on IG DMs last night from a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who writes, “Check out Kasperi Kapanen’s new girlfriend Paige Lorenze. Leaf fans going crazy over her.” First of all, it’s a really good idea to start sending me more and more tips to the IG DMs. It forces me to check the IG DMs and it’s easy for me to decline junk DMs and things are all orderly. Second, of course I’ll check out Paige.

Who is Kasperi Kapanen? He’s a 22-year-old Finnish winger 1st rounder of the Penguins, who was part of the massive Phil Kessel deal back in 2015. Kapanen came into his own this year with a 20 goal, 22 assist season and has Leafs fans — the jersey chasers — frothing. Now comes the hot model girlfriend and all hell is breaking loose in Toronto where the gossip hounds can’t get enough IG content out of these two.

Who is Paige Lorenze? Looks like a fairly typical IG model to me. No bio, a few vague Instagram Story tabs. Typical modeling shots that all start to look the same. The Twitter is locked down, but we do learn that she’s based in Manhattan. This is perfect, she’s just mysterious enough to cause the jersey chasers to lose their minds trying to find any nuggets whatsoever that will fuel their souls over the long summer break until Kasperi laces em up with the boys again.

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well deserved sun for the kap⭐️

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