Aaron Rodgers & Danica Patrick Sham Relationship Rolls On

via Twitter

Danica Patrick tried to buy a drink at the Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks game, but a Bucks fan wouldn’t take her money and insisted on buying the drink for Danica and her friend. Of course, as you can see, Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem to care that a guy just bought his girlfriend a drink. Doesn’t even turn around.

Look, I’ve written about it many times on here — this is a marketing relationship. She needs him bad. It’s a huge month for both of them. The Bucks will go on to the Eastern Conference Finals, which means Rodgers will be in the front row for a few more games and Danica has her NBC Sports Indy 500 debut coming up. I’m still trying to figure out why he’s with her because it feels like one of the most forced relationships in the history of dating.

He’s like a North Korean prisoner. He wants to be anywhere but in this constant state of prison when he’s with her. It’s like his marketing team is telling him he has to be in a relationship that’s good for business. That’s the only explanation because it’s been like this for the last year-plus that they’ve been together.

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