Guy Steals 24 Bottles Of Henn Dogg From Wisconsin Costco

via Costco surveillance

Well, well, well…what do we have here boys? I’ll tell you what’s rare — a Henn Dogg heist at a Costco. I’ve been at this a long time and I’ve never seen a guy with balls like this guy wheeling out 24 bottles of the Henn right past a lady who checks receipts at the door. She’s helpless as the Henn Dogg Heist Guy gives her a fake excuse for not having his receipt, but then he has enough time to load the bottles and get out of town.

What a heist it was, totaling $1,541.75 and probably leaving customers wondering where all the Henn Dogg went to on a Friday. If you’re in the Menomonee Falls, WI area you might want to conserve the Henn Dogg until the distributor can bring in reinforcements.

From Fox 6:

Menomonee Falls police are seeking a suspect wanted for theft from the Menomonee Falls Costco location on Friday, May 3.

According to police, the suspect left the store with 24 bottles of Hennessy liquor and one Lorex brand security system, totaling $1,541.75. The suspect entered a 2018 Dodge Caravan with Minnesota plates. The license plate read BEN-904.

Any agencies with similar thefts and anyone able to assist with suspect identification is asked to please contact the Menomonee Falls Police Department at 262-532-8700.

The local fuzz says this is the Henn Dogg Heist getaway car. Be on the lookout for this bad boy. Also keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace. Something tells me he might be selling off those precious bottles. Have you noticed people selling liquor on Marketplace? It’s wild out there.

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