Instagram Model Kinsey Sue Takes Dan Bilzerian’s $30,000 5-Minute Mile Challenge

What does Dan Bilzerian and the Instagram Girls get into on a random Monday in May when the rest of the world is at work? Of course Dan comes up with an idea to pay one of the Ignite Girls $30,000 if she can run a 5-minute mile. Of course that’s the kind of money that gets an Instagram model’s attention and Kinsey Sue, an IG model with 280k followers and all sorts of passport stamps, stepped up for the challenge.

This is where I should let you know that the women’s world record outdoor mile is 4:12:56. The indoor world record is 4:13:31. In other words, a 5-minute mile is hauling ass for a woman. We’re talking world class speed. The first woman to ever run a sub-5 minute mile was Diane Leather of the UK in 1954. But, this is a $30,000 offer and these IG models don’t skip too many cardio days. The problem is that they don’t train in the mile very often.

So step right up Kinsey Sue and let Dan set the treadmill to a 5-minute mile to see what happens. And yes, Dan was a gentleman and said the bet included the Ignite bikini.

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It was a great effort out of Kinsey Sue who is probably not going to be the last Instagram model to take the Dan Bilzerian 5-minute mile challenge. I can see this kind of content generation becoming a staple for Dan and the crew. Look, if Dan’s willing to fork over that cash, there’s going to be a line of the IGers ready to give it a shot. The worst thing that happens is that they add to their IG numbers.

via Kinsey Sue/IG Story
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