Greg Oden’s Graduation Gown Was Made For 6-Footer

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Greg Oden finished up his college degree at Ohio State and of course the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft was going to attend his commencement ceremony. The guy actually went back, put in the work and got that degree. He went back to school in 2016 after having trouble finding a purpose in life after leaving the NBA in 2014 and basketball for good in 2016 after a stint in a Chinese league.

From Eleven Warriors:

So Oden re-enrolled at Ohio State in 2016, through the university’s degree completion program for former student-athletes, and became a student assistant coach for the Buckeyes. Matta’s tenure as Ohio State’s head coach ended in June 2017, but Oden continued to serve as a student assistant for the past two years alongside Chris Holtmann and his staff.

It’s a great story for Oden to go back and get the diploma and all, but I started looking at the graduation photos and I realized that the gowns handed out by the university are made for 6-footers. I found myself mesmerized at how Oden looks like he’s wearing one of those pullovers that travel ball coaches wear because they’re fat and the pullover tent is a comfortable fit.

Then I found myself thinking that Oden’s gown looked like the coat you’ll see women wearing at hair salons. It looks like something a ‘Barbara’ would wear before cutting your mom’s hair back in 1994.

I’m not trying to take away from Greg’s huge accomplishment, just a small observation on something uncommon. Can’t say I’ve seen too many 7-footers graduating and wearing gowns. Exceptionally rare over the last 11+ years I’ve spent running this site.

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