New Details On Ohio High School Fight Featuring A Broken State Championship Trophy

via Toledo Police

We now know who Toledo, Ohio police say is responsible for breaking the Ohio High School 2019 Girls D2 State Championship at Rogers High School during an alleged fight after a thrown orange turned into a big time brawl inside the school, causing it to go into lockdown. LaQuesha Gilmer is responsible for swinging that state championship trophy and breaking it, according to a police report.

The fuzz also says that LaQuesha brought backup to the high school for what turned into a school office fight for the ages. I was able to get a comment out of LaQuesha on Facebook and here’s what she has to say about the incident: “welp the items wrong lawyer on top of it awhole video in play(.)” I’m still awaiting a translation for that message.

From 13ABC:

According to the incident report from Toledo Police, the fight started when a 16-year-old male student was leaving the cafeteria and threw an orange, which hit a 17-year-old female student in the face.

That student went to the school office and called her mother, LaQuesha Gilmer, 38. Gilmer arrived at the school at 12:23 with the student’s brother, Muntrease Jayquan Gilmer, 19, and Danajia Deja-bennettacapris McClain.

Muntrease Gilmer walked through the office and into the hall and began fighting the orange-throwing 16-year-old. The fight was broken up by school staff, and Muntrease Gilmer and McClain then left the school.

Afterward, while LaQuesha Gilmer, her daughter and Claude Adonnis Church IV, 18, were waiting in the office, a separate 16-year-old male student came in and attacked Church, causing another fight.

The 16-year-old orange thrower and another 15-year-old male student also began fighting Church. During the fight, Church threw a chair, striking a school staffer. LaQuesha Gilmer was also swinging a trophy at people before throwing it to the floor.

There has to be more to this story that we’re not hearing. One orange hitting a student doesn’t cause all out chaos. I predict there was a previous incident. Was LaQuesha’s daughter being bullied and she finally snapped & took it out on a trophy and some students?

I’m told by the local media experts that it’s possible we’ll never see a video due to some sort of privacy law in Ohio. Maybe someone will send in a Snap of this action going down. All I really care about is seeing the trophy being broken. I like to stick to sports and it gives me an angle.


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Of course I’ll let you know if LaQuesha fills in the details here:

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